Personal Brand

There is power in  knowing, polishing, owning and leveraging your own style. Being true to self unleashes leadership superpower. 


Blind Spot on Blind Spots

Popular thought connects Blind Spots to negative characteristics and behaviors. Priebe uncovers the Blind Spots no one talks about. These are talents and areas of giftedness  that go untapped. This is about the power of the positive. 


Fear Factor

Professional women bemoan the “glass ceilings” they face in business.  How much does the unnamed problem of “sticky floors” contribute to the gender gap? Do learned behaviors hold us back from what we really want? 


Life GPS

Is your personal GPS getting you where you want to go? Or are you stuck? Most are somewhere in the middle...moving toward our destination with detours that slow us down. Close the gap between where you are and where you want to be.